Martin Luther King Jr.'s Daughter Sarcastically Wishes Pepsi Had Solved Civil Rights Struggle (PHOTO) (UPDATE)

Martin Luther King Jr.

Daughter’s Sarcastic Wish

Pepsi Could Have Solved Civil Rights Struggle

4/5/2017 9:37 AM PDT

Martin Luther King Jr.
‘s daughter, Bernice, can only wish Pepsi had stepped in to help her dad resolve issues between cops and civil rights activists back in the day.

Bernice’s biting Twitter post is the latest jab at the soda company that made Kendall Jenner a hero as she achieved unity between the Black Lives Matter movement and cops … with the help of a can of soda.

We’ve been calling Pepsi all morning … and they are ducking for cover.1:15 PM PT — Pepsi has responded to Bernice’s tweet, stating, “We at Pepsi believe in the legacy of Dr. King & meant absolutely no disrespect to him & others who fight for justice.”