Neil Gorsuch Has Cafeteria Duty as Part of His SCOTUS 'Hazing'

Neil Gorsuch

SCOTUS ‘Hazing’ Begins

Cafeteria & Other Duties Assigned

4/11/2017 7:51 AM PDT

Neil Gorsuch will have more than just Supreme Court cases to deal with as the newest justice … he’ll also be assigned to cafeteria duty and other lowly tasks for being the new robe on the bench.

SCOTUS justices have a long-running tradition of assigning the newest high judge to junior justice duties, which include 3 specific tasks he or she must undertake until a new justice fills their spot.

Gorsuch is replacing Justice Elena Kagan, who for the last 6 plus years has had to personally answer the door if knocked on during meetings with the justices, take notes during those meetings and our favorite … attend to grievances about cafeteria food leveled by court employees.

Kagan introduced a frozen yogurt machine to the cafeteria, and Justice Stephen Breyer expanded the cafeteria’s salad bar and even added Starbucks coffee when he was the junior justice.

Looks like the bar’s been set pretty high for Gorsuch … salad bar, that is.

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