Secret Service Fires Two Agents for White House Fence Jumping Incident

White House

2 Secret Service Agents Fired

Over Fence Jumping

4/13/2017 2:48 PM PDT

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The Secret Service pulled the trigger on dumping 2 agents after investigating the guy who jumped over a White House fence, and roamed the grounds for nearly 20 minutes.

The fired agents were involved the in the March 10 incident … where, as we reported, Jonathan Tran got close enough to jiggle a doorknob into the White House. The Secret Service says its investigation revealed Tran hopped a 5-foot high fence near the Treasury complex, and then hopped another 3-and-a-half foot high fence near the East Wing of the White House.

The investigation is ongoing, according to the Secret Service … which says it’s also added new posts for agents and enhanced technology to prevent a repeat.

You’ll recall … a second intruder, Marci Wahl, hopped a White House fence later in March, and a few days later, did the same at the Treasury building.

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