Ivanka Trump Targeted by Man Armed with Throwing Knives

Ivanka Trump

Target of Man with Knives, Kevlar …

Cops Say After Arrest

7/7/2017 6:28 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

Ivanka Trump got a visitor at Trump Tower who showed up armed with throwing knives and a bulletproof vest under his suit … according to the Secret Service.

Law enforcement sources tell us agents busted Sixto Benitez Thursday at Trump Tower when his knives and vest set off a metal detector. Agents patted him down and removed the weapons. When he was taken into custody, we’re told he claimed to own Trump Tower and that he was a U.S. Senator there to see Ivanka.

Ivanka was not at Trump Tower at the time.

52-year-old Benitez was turned over to NYPD and taken to Cornell Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. He was booked for criminal possession of a weapon.

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